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CBBC Young Dracula Series 3



The 3rd series of this fabulous CBBC hit kids drama….here’s a few episodes playlisted…..


24 OCT 2015 nlloyd

CBBC Young Dracula Series 2



A few episodes from the award winning CBBC series Young Dracula……


20 OCT 2013 nlloyd

Welsh Tourism

Here’s some work I’ve done for the Welsh Tourist Board.
First up is a huge orchestral 5 minute epic. Enjoy!

24 SEP 2013 nlloyd 0

Po5t – Dark Teen Drama



Po5t is a Barking Angel Production, written and directed by Joss Agnew…..


PO5T is an unsettling, suspenseful drama aimed to intrigue and delight a modern 14+ audience. Made exclusively for online by Barking Angel, the experienced producers of Tracy Beaker and Young Dracula.

24 SEP 2013 nlloyd

Nationwide Building Society Promos



A Playlist with some longer Promos for Nationwide……


Use the ‘next’  button on the player to step through.

24 SEP 2013 nlloyd

Yamaha Motorcycles Promos



A Playlist containing work for Yamaha Motocycles…..


24 SEP 2013 nlloyd

CBeebies Birthday Song



The new CBeebies birthday song…..Happy Birthday…….



CBeebies asked me write a new birthday song for them…….to be sung by the presenters and broadcast on CBeebies numerous times everyday…..
This is the only thing I’ve ever done that my kids have been remotely impressed by.
Co written by Andrew Griffiths www.agmusic.co.uk



23 SEP 2013 nlloyd

Shire – ‘Better Lives’ Documentary



Shire – ‘Better Lives’ documentary……


A documentary following three employees of the pharmaceutical company Shire as they tackle drug development for rare diseases across US and Europe. Shot over 3 weeks in San Francisco.

Directed by Steven Judge for World Television.

20 SEP 2013 nlloyd

Corporate Promos



A selection of corporate promotional films…….


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19 SEP 2013 nlloyd

DVD & Cinema Trailers



A selection of DVD and Cinema Trailers…….


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24 AUG 2013 nlloyd